COVID-19 Protocols

New England Cat Care has remained open during the COVID19 pandemic and we have implemented protocols to protect your cat and our medical care team in order to practice medicine safely.  Our appointments are conducted curbside, which means that we have our patient's family wait in their car during an appointment.  When you arrive for your appointment, please call us and we will come out to your car to bring your cat inside.  The doctor will perform the physical exam and then call you to discuss and coordinate the treatment your cat needs.  Certain procedures are paused, and we will discuss how this may impact your cat and what options we have to utilize care during these unprecedented times.  We are as anxious as you are to be able to return to regular appointment scheduling, so please be patient as we move to implement new practice protocols that will keep you and your cat safe while protecting our medical care team.

Safety Measures:

- The exam room is sterilized after each appointment.  Rooms are cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning products.  

- Your cat remains in its carrier unless we are examining them. 

- Our medical care team has full PPE (gowns, N95 mask, and gloves) while examining your cat.

- We remove our gloves after each use with a patient and replace them immediately.

- Contactless payment; payments are conducted over the phone.

- Curbside pickup for prescription orders.  

Existing Clients:

If you have exposure to COVID19, please call us at 203-387-6369 if your cat is in need of an appointment or if you need to pick up a prescription.

Telemedicine appointments are available for certain conditions if you are quarantined or if you are uncomfortable bringing your cat to the office.  *Telemedicine is only offered for EXISTING clients.*


The office transitioned to curbside service in March of 2020 and office hours were reduced to M-F 9am - 3pm.

1/11/21 Office hours expanded to 9am - 4pm.

We hope to provide another update in early March 2021.

New Client Information

This form is ONLY if you already scheduled an appointment!  Only new clients who have scheduled an appointment will receive a response from us via this form.

We thank you for your understanding during the pandemic and appreciate the degree of trust required to permit people you have never met to take care of your cat.  We treat each of our patients as if they were our own, so rest assured we will keep your cat safe while in our care.    

Click on the link below to request your New Client Information Packet.  Please be advised this email contains information we need to obtain PRIOR to your cat's appointment; if you do not provide the information required we will need to reschedule your appointment.  New clients are permitted to reschedule their appointment one time - If you fail two appointments, we will not offer you any further appointment slots.  

New Client Information Request

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