Dr. Richter started out as a pharmacist after graduating from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. He decided to apply to veterinary school and was accepted to the veterinary program at the University of Pennsylvania. He began his studies focusing on equine medicine but then discovered he had a love for cats and was very adept at understanding the complicated world of feline medicine. 


Dr. Richter loves the challenge of internal medicine and spends a lot of time with our clients helping them understand disease and treatment. He always explains things in relevant terms and never wants our clients to feel overwhelmed. Dr. Richter is very gentle with his patients as he understands cats need to feel relaxed in order to allow us to treat them.​


In his free time, Dr. Richter enjoys gourmet cooking and going to Disney World with his family. He knows the best way to find Disney vacation savings and discounts so all you have to do is ask and he'll provide a wealth of helpful information!