Urgent Notice

The COVID19 pandemic has made a dramatic impact on the veterinary community.  The pet population in Connecticut has dramatically increased creating an unprecedented demand for pet health care services.  Protocol changes due to the virus as well as devastating shortages of veterinary professionals created a staggering problem in keeping up with the demand.  These effects will linger into 2022.  It is imperative to be proactive about your cat's health.  We have provided guidelines below to help you ensure your cat remains safe and healthy.  Please follow our recommendations.  There is a finite amount of patients we can see each day.  Urgent care or same-day appointments are a first come, first serve system with priority given to existing clients.  While we are accepting new patients, we are currently booking new patients out 4-6 weeks.  Current clients can expect booking 3-4 weeks out.  

- We are sending out reminder notices two months in advance.  Do not wait to schedule until the last minute.  Call the office immediately when you receive a notice to schedule.

- Take out a pet health insurance policy.  ER services are currently seeing expenses at a minimum of $2,000 and up per visit.  Veterinary services fees will increase due to supply and demand as well as shortages of veterinary supplies and PPE. 

- Request prescription refills a week before you run out.  Pharmacies sometimes need up to 3 days to fill an order.  Consider transitioning your cat's prescriptions to our Care Cabinet or Chewy - Mail order pharmacies provide reliable auto-ship features so you don't run out of your cat's medication and food.

- If you notice your cat having a change in behavior or obvious signs of not feeling well,  CALL THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.  Do not wait and especially do not wait until Friday to call the office for an appointment.

- Monitor our vacation schedule so you are prepared when we take a break.