New England Cat Care is New Haven County's premier veterinarian - just for cats! 


We are a dedicated team of professionals who will provide your feline friend dedicated & compassionate care they deserve.  Our calm & welcoming environment is what your cat needs!



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John G. Richter, Jr., RPh, VMD

Adrianna Arcuri,


Danielle Crawford, MFA / Director

of Client Care

Monica Vece,

Head Technician

New England Cat Care has been proudly serving New Haven County since 1998.  Drs. Richter & Arcuri, a husband and wife team, developed their vision for a veterinarian's office that was so much more than rushed appointments & cookie cutter medicine.  At our office, we know your cat is unique, and we know how important your cat is to your family.  We should know, we all have furry family members as well!  The approach to our medicine is never brushing off a problem as something you just have to deal with; we understand how small problems snowball into disease and it is our duty to provide you with the tools to care for your cat.  Expect nothing but the best at New England Cat Care!





Physical exams are an imperative part of evaluating the health of your cat.  We recognize the necessity of checking your cat nose to tail to ensure health problems are not overlooked.


Internal medicine is the foundation of New England Cat Care.  We are at the forefront of managing disease in cats.  Commonly, new clients contact us for a second opinion when their cat has developed a chronic illness. We provide diagnostic evaluations to complement our internal medicine care:

  • Urinalysis

  • Blood work

  • X-rays

  • Ultrasound

  • Cardiac care 

  • Blood pressure


Kittens are the best!  We know how important your newest family member is, and we want to help ensure your kitten is well cared for by providing you with the knowledge of how to care for your growing cat.

  • Vaccines generally begin at 8 weeks and are boosted at 12 weeks & 16 weeks.

  • Standard deworming begins at 8 weeks.

  • Fecal screening performed at every kitten visit.

  • Spay/Neuter performed at 6 months.


Vaccinations protect your cat from incurable, sometimes deadly, disease.  New England Cat Care's duty is to educate you on the importance of properly vaccinating your cat.  We design unique vaccine protocols based on your cat's risk factors.  Learn More


We receive many inquiries regarding dental cleanings.  It is not an unusual practice in the veterinary profession to anesthetize a cat to clean their teeth.  We find this treatment rather extreme as our goal is to avoid anesthesia, especially when there are other options for maintaining your cat's oral health that is not as invasive or expensive.  


At New England Cat Care, we utilize antibiotics therapy and Bartonella evaluations to diagnose and manage your cat's dental needs efficiently. Learn More


We cannot stress this enough - Age is not a disease!  We are dedicated to your cat, no matter how old they are, and you will never hear our team brush over a medical issue just because your cat is older.  

Over the years, we have become the premier veterinarian to go to when your cat is in their golden years.  The care for an older cat can be daunting and may require daily medication to help control disease, but we are here to provide your cat anything from disease management to palliative care.


Micro-chipping is an implant placed under your cat's skin.  A microchip is not a GPS tracking device.  Instead, the chip can be scanned by a veterinarian or shelter if your cat ever becomes lost.  We utilize HomeAgain Microchips.


At New England Cat Care, no surgery is considered "routine."  We understand the risks involved with anesthesia, so to ensure your cat has a positive experience, we adhere to strict protocols our doctors have developed from their schooling & experience.  


Surgeries available but not limited to:

  • Lump Removal

  • Spay

  • Neuter

  • Wound Care

  • Urinary Obstruction



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